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Approaching each of our projects with special attention to detail, we implement strategies that both our clients and the environment can benefit from. JHG specializes in a full range of services from design & installation to property maintenance throughout the Hamptons.


Native Revegetation, Flowering Gardens, Ornamental Trees, Fruit Trees, Orchards, Native Plantings, Wildflower Meadows, CAD Design, Green Roofs, Live Roofs


Tree, Shrub, & Flowering Plantings, Flower Pot, Installations, Perennial Garden Installations, Drainage, Steel Edging, Stacked Stone Walls, Stone & Gravel Walkways, Stone & Gravel Patios, Custom Cedar Gates, Green Roofs, Live Roofs


Tree & Shrub Transplanting, Spring & Fall Clean Ups, Leaf Clean-Up & Removal, Mowing & Lawn Care Programs, Natural Technique Trimming & Pruning, Lawn & Plant Irrigation

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